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Choosing Glee

You’ve been on the very successful FOX series, Glee, for the past 5 years. How have you guys been able to maintain the fans high level of interest in the show?

We try and stay in our Glee bubble while we are working and focus on the work, which keeps it focused. We know what the fans like through social media, what hits and what doesn’t. We just try and tell the truth… the characters are what the fans invest in and the important social issues we touch are thanks to our creators and writers.

You play the role of Tina Cohen-Chang. What’s the good and bad of Tina and what do you enjoy about playing her the most?

I’m not sure I’d say there’s anything bad about playing Tina C-C, except that she gets a lot of hits to the head, falling in fountains and getting slushied a lot!!! Haha. I love playing Tina. She’s dynamic, funny, cooky and as an actor it’s fun to explore all those ins and outs, especially playing her for 5 years, I’ve gotten to know her really well. The thing I like most IS the dynamic. She’s up and down and I’m lucky that she’s not just one note, which I think people thought she was going to be. But she’s really unfolding all her layers now.

At this point, everyone has graduated and is off to college. What can we expect to see with Tina and the rest of the cast as they take on the big city?

Well, Tina goes to Brown University and is loving it, so she pops in and out and gets to see what they’ve all been up to. We get to see our friend star in a Broadway show, sing and dance in the city and run around with our friends, what could be better? But everyone is just trying to figure it out as they go.

We love how active you are on social media. How important is it for you to connect with your fans in this manner?

It is really crucial for me to stay involved in my social media. It’s our window for the fans to get a peek in what we are really like, what shooting on the show is like… etc. We get immidiate response after episodes, we get to see what they thought and we feel their love and support everytime we open our Twitter and Instagram feeds. We want them to be able to feel connected to us and we feel to them and this is one of the biggest ways we can do that.

You blew us away with how gorgeous and sexy you look in your REGARD Magazine fashion spread. What fashion designers and style trends would we find in your personal closet?

Oh my goodness, I am a mix and match of lots of things. I say, comfort is key, if you are not comfortable in what you wear, get rid of it. I love shopping at Reformation, it’s my favorite, but I also love Alexander Wang, Rebecca Minkoff, Top Shop, Nike, Surface to Air. I’m pretty casual. I love some good shoes, Nikes, Jordans, Louboutin, Jerome Rousseau and I love a good Chanel or Celine bag. My style can range from sporty on a casual day, to girly Reformation jumpsuits. On the Red Carpet, I love seeing Oscar De La Renta or Versace.

We look forward to seeing how things develop on Glee. What other projects are you working on for the future?

I recently wrote a book, called "Choosing Glee", which is sort of a guide to finding happiness, positivity and light in your life when something kicks you down. I always wanted a book like that, so I wrote one for others! We will see what’s in the future. I’d love to do movies, continue to sing, maybe get in a recording studio or head back to Broadway, we will see!

Jenna Ushkowitz for Regard Magazine

Jenna Ushkowitz for Regard Magazine’s April 2014 issue


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